Monday, July 22, 2013

The Family Again

Dear Family,

Well this week we had a goodish week i guess, we spent alot of time on the street and alot of time in our newly split area of lviv idont remember if i told you about that but yeah it has 18 people in it that are members and everyday we find something new about our area that makes that number drop so we are optimistic and happy to keep moving forward. 

Well first i think i will answer your questions.
 How you are getting along with your companion? good i guess he is quiet and people always ask him if he understands which he does he just doesn't speak back much which leaves alot on my shoulders but its fun he is really witty and quiet until just the right moment or when he is tired like really tired which he was this week he says funny things so you could say good we had transfers last week and nothing changed anywhere so we will see what next transfer brings. 

 what adventures you experienced with the ward members? Well this week we went out with a return missionary named Masha and we went out to visit our area and to have her help us to find who is there and who she remembers so that was fun we found out that we really only have like 10-12 people in our area and that even they may have moved so thats fun. This member is really funny we want her to marry our branch pres. and we think they will get married but who knows they are both from the tribe of Reuben so you know what that means well neither do i but just a cool fact. Hey something cool about ukraine is that they have found all 12 tribes here and i have found 8 and its funny to see the different people too. 

This week has been in the 80-90s so its been up there especially for being outside all day in church clothes but its good, someone told me once that utah and ukraine are at the same longitude so we have really similar climates but im glad that we aren't the same temp. The sr. couple who told me that told me that's why ukraine and utah have such big peaches and man i had some this week and they were so big and good. 
So we had a 70 come and speak to our branch and well everyone but our mission pres. told us that if we dont have an investigator that we cant come, harsh i know but we didnt have one so we didnt go instead we went and ate and came back for the chit chat after to see if our recent convert had shown up which he hadn't so that was sad. 

We also had exchanges this week with the district leader and i was in their area which use to be my area and my house and lets just say that the house where i lived in is not the same with different people its much dirtier. So these elders, nielson and bailey have no right to proselyte right now because the government is being stupid so only those who have been here for a long time/ a year ago can be here because the registration lasts for 1 year so im here but my registration only lasts until the end of next month so who knows if i will stay or what it all depends on the government. So while on exchanges we didnt contact anyone because we couldn't so whatever we probably wont go on exchanges again until they get their stuff handled. 

Well we got out to that family that the rogers referred to me last year and they were way happy to see me and well i guess my companion only the mom and dad were there this time but we had a good time and she said that she would call Erin well i guess yesterday so who knows if that happened you should ask mom. They invited us to a church choir performance they were organizing so hopefully we will be able to go we will see. 

Well sounds like every ones weeks went well, josie im proud of you for singing on the spot and for making it through the trek, every time i watch 17 miracles it reminds me of what those people had to go through so i can only imagine what you felt like. mom imglad you get to do some fun singing thing, i always think about choirs that i want to be in and cant its sad but will be fun when imback. Shawn learn how to tie knots while your at the camp because someone in the family besides dad should know. Well maceyand josie have fun at efy i loved my byu-i Efy experience and i think you will too so have fun and look to have fun and to meet great people. And everyone have fun at the cabin especially you erik im jealous of all of you and i love you all.

Elder Naumann 

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