Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Well im really glad you all are having fun up in island park im jealous, i bet the weather is great, it just decided to hit us with summer out here so it is hot like 33 deg hot ok i dont know how much that is in faronhite but its hotter than it has been for a long time.

Well i dont have too much time to write you today because my companion is sick and so we are doing a quick right and read and then going home so he can rest. 

This week we had a few fun things that happened. We first started our english program up again and this time it will be a 10 week program and we are trying to make it more fun this time because no one liked it when is was all profesional so we are going to have more games and stuff. We went to Ivano frankivsk to get me registered. We had a great picnic and institute and church. 

So first the english program is way more fun this time we have games and the games make the people speak which is hard for the group we are in charge of the beginners but they are fun sometimes they have a hard time to speak in english so they just talk in ukrainian but they go off on nothing so i made a rule that you cant speak ukrainian in the class only english so we will see how that goes. We also played a way funny game where they all had sticky notes on their heads with animals written in english and they had to speak english and describe each others animals so that was fun and funny.

We Also had a lunch with president that day which was fun he wanted to have a lunch with all the missionaries and have us ask him questions because the first conference was not very explanitory and alot was left hanging so we asked him questions but it was funny because we didnt know that it would happen so it was hard to find questions on the spot but it was good. 

Then on wednesday we went to ivano to register me so i can be legal and live here in ukraine and it was funny because all i needed to do was sign my name and that was it we then had until 5 in the afternoon to do something so we met up with some elders and did a book table and it was fun there is a native serving with elder pockrus who is a boss at book tables and then we went out to eat at this really good restorant with the best soup i have ever eaten it was fantastic. 

We had institute on friday which we didnt stay for becuase we were buying food for it and we came back and had mcm and that was way awkward becauase our mcm was mad at us because well like my companion describes it all ukrainians are pregnant woman they just get easly offended and all caught up in stupid things then they explode on you and you ask for forgivness and they say no its not your fault and then all is well so hopefuly all is still well. 

On saturday we had an awesome picnic with the whole branch and about 50 people came and we had german saseagges and we played soccer and football and basketball and stick pull which by the way i didnt loose to anyone so yeah that was fun and we talked about pioneers and how the people here are like pioneers so that was fun we had a great time and then we were all tired at the  end.

And yesterday we had a really great dinner with the ricks the sr. couple here in lviv who are leaving in like 2 weeks they are great and the food was to die for they had a crock pot which i got to say i might buy one of those because they take so long but you do no work and the food is sooooo good we had a last goodbye dinner and birthday dinner for elder bailey and it was good they are going back to idaho where they invited us to come when we are going to school there which will be good they are great. 

Well i hope you have a great week and i love you all.

Elder Naumann

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