Monday, July 22, 2013

The Beginning of the end (from july 1st)

Dear Family, 

Well family this week was the end of the Kiev mission and yesterday was the beginning of the lviv mission and our new mission president got in on Saturday and is now our mission pres. I haven't got a chance to meet him but he will live here in lviv so I think there will be many chances. 

Wow it sounds really hot in utah right not im glad you took it all away from us, because the last 2 weeks it has been really hot but today and the forecast for the rest of the week looks great. 

Im so excited for Roan to be a Ginger he will be so cool. Girls camp sounded really fun and im jealous that there is trek I would have totally gone, like Erik dang i hope its fun. Im glad Becca is cool i hope everything works out... but family you have to stop them for at least 10 months that is your objective 10 months and then all is aloud. 

So this week has been really good we spent some really good time in chervonograd and hopefully soon we will convince presidentlattin to open it for us to live there.
So the beginning of the week was rather normal as far as buying groceries and family night we had with our branch president at the church and we had McDonald's and we had a spiritual thought and watched some Mormon messages. 

Wednesday was the start of the journey to chervonograd in which we picked up a straggler named Elder Bailey our district leader who wanted to do exchanges with us and also he wanted to go to chervonograd so we grabbed him after lunch and left his companion to the loving hands of the branch president and the ap's who made him their assistant to the assistants. 

So going to chervonograd we take a bus for an hour and a half and on the bus we met this group of kids ages 11-13 who were going home from a volleyball tournament and we had an American football and they were so interested so we talked to them and set up a time to play with them on Thursday and teach them how to play. 

Thursday we had a fun day we played football American and European with the kids we met the day before and we had a really good time but we all got sun burnt because we were so wight. We also met a girl from a different town who was visiting her grandma and the elders from her town called us and gave us her number and we called it and spent some time talking with here and here boyfriend and it was good they showed us some churches there and it was fun and next time we will be meeting her grandma. 

Friday we came home from our trip and got ready for the activity in which i needed all the pictures which i got and thank you that was perfect buy hey one elder had a baby picture and i told him i was way more attractive as a baby but i couldn't prove it so if you could send me a picture of me when i was a baby that would be awesome.

We had the activity and like 40 people showed up which was way more than we thought so we didn't have enough pancakes or so we thought but the sisters did they made some the night before and thank goodness because they people loved it and they loved getting to know the missionaries more it was a way good activity. 

But in the slide show i put the picture of us indexing together and our family history specialist came up to me afterward and asked me if i liked indexing and i said yes and we talked about how when our ward had a goal of like a million names or something like that and she said we need to do that here so she wants me to help her so maybe if you all have some ideas on activities to get people interested in indexing that would be awesome. 

Saturday was normal we had sports day and i was already soar from our football trip and then we planned the week and then had our missionary meeting and the mcl and the branch pres. just talked the whole time and we really didnt get anything done. 

Sunday we had a really good day we had church and one of my friends who is less active came and i invited him to eat lunch with us and so we ran home brought the food back and we ate together and he is doing better. We then went to this less active woman who has been having some problems with the church lately and she wasn't home but as we were leaving she came up and we had a good meeting and she was like i prayed for you all to come and it was a good talk and i think it helped her. 

Well this week should be fun with the new mission president coming in and us having a mission conference it will be fun andthankyou for all your prayers they really do help. 

Love Elder Naumann

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