Monday, July 22, 2013

Surprises Everywhere (From July 15th)

Dear Family,

Well yeah this week was fun, and full of a few surprises which were good cool and at the same time annoying. 
So I guess i will tell you the first surprise, That man named Alan Radmall came to lviv again, he is the man that 1 year ago took a video of me on his i phone and sent it to you mom yeah he came to church and talked to me and was like your still here eldernaumann and i was like well i came back because the last time we talked it was like 4 months after i came into ukraine and i was still in lviv so he thought that after 1 year i was still here which is sort of true and not at the same time i am here 1 year after i came into ukraine, I havent served anywhere else in the lviv ukraine mission so lviv is my only area and I love it. 

He took a video of not my companion but my companion from the mtc elder nielson and elder nielson basically said this is to you mom and this is your son he was my companion in the mtc and i love him and he is an awesome kid that was basically it and then you saw what i did and i did it in english because i know i know ukrainian but you for sure dont so im glad he did it so fastthats crazy i love technology its awesome. 

This last week we also got a call well on monday telling me that i needed to be in another town to do registration why who knows oh wait i do because the guy who does registration for us missionaries is crazy and he calls 2 min before you have to be somewhere and you always on a lesson so yeah that was fun. 

So I went to Ivano franka it is a small town where my other mtc companion is the district leader so i called him and they helped us but getting there was an adventure we got on a bus early in the morning and headed out and 11k. out of town our bus breaks down, so we are sitting there late to registration and then we prayed and then the bus driver fixes the problem and we make it safe. 

Then we do the things that we needed to do which was basically make an appearance so that the government can see that im still in Ukraine so that was fun and for the way back we had planned another bus but thankfully my mtc companion and his comp. were coming into lviv for transfers and had an extra 2 tickets so we hitch hiked with them and had an awesome tranin where we slept the whole way back. 
So another surprise this week was we were talking with sister lattin and she said yeah ya know how they said 1 year until everything is everywhere in the world, yeah not for ukraine she said probably more like 2 years so that made me sad but all is well we as of yet dont spend any time on the computer using facebook or things like that but who needs it anyway. :(

Hey here is something that trevor can do that thinking about it i have decided that it would be smart, Look up your mission and mission president and think about giving them a call and asking them the weird things that you will need that you find out you want a year into the mission and also the rules on some things like music and other things like that so you can know what to bring and that your not going in blind.

Well Im glad Erik and Becca are going great you all still remember my instructions right? dont forget them and do everything you can to fufill them. Hey why is everyone getting married thats too weird. So my trainer was on the phone with a member here and i was in the room so i got to talk to him it was cool. Josie have fun at trek and make a new friend treks are way fun if you let them be i went on one and knew no one in my group but had a blast anyway. Dad you will never be released and im glad you make a great example for me, and good luck with all your business stuff that you are doing I know you will do great. oh and your old by the way 30 years really man your old but its ok people here when they see yours and moms pictures say you look way young. 

Well everyone I hope you have a good week I love ya 

Elder Naumann

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