Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Becoming what the lord wants

Dear Family, 

This week has been sort of stressful and full of new things and old things and things that i wouldn't have wished upon myself but one thing that i learned this week was to trust in god and to know that whatever he does and whatever he asks you to do he prepares a way for you to do it. It wont be easy and it will take time and will take effort but he is always there. 

This week i got myself a new and an old companion. Im back with elder vernon and its funny to see how we have changed and how we have stayed the same. We have spent some time this week contacting and teaching people. We have both noticed that when we were in brovary we taught with the most unity and with the most power, That was interesting to me because we didn't know the language and we didnt know what we were doing but we trusted in the lord and knew thats where we should be. 

I am now the acting group leader here in uzhorod and its scary, i conducted the meeting this week and i had to make it all up for the paper that we use was gone and we still cant find it so will have to make a new one. 

On top of running the meetings i also have to deal with all the money. I received a call from the mission pres. and he told me that i wasn't doing it right, unfortunately i was just doing what my 4 fathers told me to do and what they have always done. In my knowledge they didn't just do it blindly they asked up and the answers built up into my knowledge of how to run the branch, unfortunately we have to now change that oh well it will be hard but whatever

Spent some time with elder johansen this week while we were waiting for our new companions and we made the fun fetty finally, it was his 1 year mark and it was close to my 18 month mark, which was weird cause my sisters from my mtc group went home they went home............ I wasnt ready for that, i remember like it was yesterday that we were all in the mtc speaking awful Ukrainian and now one of our sisters is in Israel and is translating for 6 ukrainian women who live in her group. 

That was weird to me to hear that there was nothing at conference cause last year was so big i guess theydidnt want to do something crazy and big so soon after last years announcement, The sisters in our district are both 19 and they have only been out for 6 weeks they are stressed but they are celebrating their 1 year from the announcement date they were rather excited. 

Well thats it family mom its getting a bit colder but who know what will happen on this side of the mountains, and im curious to see what will happen with transfers too because pres. lattin is a stickler for money and once he sees how much money he is spending he might change his mind. and mom the lord really does know your knees....... 

Love Elder Naumann

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