Tuesday, October 15, 2013

General Conference in Ukrainian

Dear Family, 

Well this week was really good we got to watch general conference in ukrainian, and this was my first time that i had watched it inukrainian and not for language study. We have been watching it for comp. study at home on our tv but we only got the first session so far but its great so far. Watching it in ukrainian is really hard, Its like listening to someone who speaks like they were reading a collage paper and not the conversational words that i know so it is hard but it was fun. 

We have also been meeting alot this week with one member who is a recent convert and has been struggling with his addictions and so to help him we have been listening to the 12 step program of recovery that the church has so it has really been helping him and its really a great program. 

This week we got to play base ball again and it was way fun these Ukrainians just dont know how to play they want us to train them but none of us really know how to play but thats ok we spent some time talking about the Gospel and there were some kids who were like yeah i will come so that was cool. This one kid we talked to said that he is Greek Catholic and that he tried going to another church but they kicked him out because he was Greek Catholic. so we of coarse invited him to our church because we are always happy to take people in. 

We also spent some time doing some service with a member, this guy had us help him move logs that he was cutting down with a new chainsaw and well to give you an idea of this man he only has one good eye and lets just say that he had no safety equipment (dad you wouldn't have liked that) and he may have fallen a couple of times with the chainsaw going so yeah it was fun. Dont worry family I have learned my lessons of safety and didnt do anything stupid. 

We met with some investigators this week and had a really cool experience with this new investigator. So this man has been coming toenglish club for like a month and then this week out of nowhere when we were leaving a store we see him and he tells us that he knows a man in lviv who is a member and he basically just asked how does one become a member. Miracle right!!!!!!

So update on the whole group leader thing and branch situation with finances and all that fun stuff. So i have been talking with pres. Lattinthis week alot and now we area not part of the lviv branch we are now part of the lviv ukraine mission branch and pres. lattin will be our branch pres. and i will be a councilor and we wont have really any money but at least it will be by the rules. 

Thats about it this week family love you. 

Elder Naumann

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