Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weeks of Firsts

Dear Family, 

Well this week has been fun we have really had some good success with investigators and alot of them area coming out of english and they are really interested. We have been having some phone problems this week well honestly since elder vernon got here just like in brovary everything goes wrong, This week we had the sisters lock their phone and the other elders get their phone lost and us having to go buy one, and the sisters multiply times have left their phone at home so yeah we are having fun. 

This week we also had exchanges and it was great being with Elder callister and elder johansen we had some interesting experiences together. On tuesday me and elder callister got together and worked on Wednesday and it was great elder callister congratulate you kim on the mission call he is super excited for you and hopes to see you at his home coming. I was also on a service project with elder johansen out at a members house but this time we built him a cabinet and it was funny because he wouldn't listen to us so we just did our best and learned patients and we spent about 4 hours with him, afterwords we talked with each other and we thought wow we could have done that in an hour and a half but thanks to the half crazy half blind member we got to have fun for 4 hours. 

We also visited a member who is in the hospital and has Cancer which is really sad and we just found out today that she herself doesn't know that she has Cancer, our doctor friend told us and it is sad she is 69 years old and really frail and its sad to see her but she is a trooper and is doing her best in with what she has and her daughter was there so we met her too. 

English was really good this week we have decided to change really everything cause we haven't really been finding investigators from English so we changed that and we found 4 investigators this week just from English and its great. 

This week was my first regular week to conduct sacrament and it was all set up with a member of the mission pres. coming down to speak but 2 days before he called and canceled. So we had to do some quick prep for some talks but they were fine. And this week I taught G.P. and the subject was eternal marriage and i got to say i dont like talking about stuff i have never done. 

Thats about it im glad to hear that every thing is going great. keep it up. 

Love Elder Naumann

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