Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New law (from Sept.9th)

Dear Family,
Well first things first this week we received an email telling us that we cant email pictures home or tell about peoples personal information like names or things like that and especially not letting family put things on facebook or blogs and other things like that so kim sorry take down the blog.  So family i will tell you things but i will leave out alot of things so bare with me.
Well this week has been really good and at the same time really long its weird the whole time warp that the mission creates but i like it. Well on monday we had not much but i did get a new dictionary its for polish and i got to say i like polish but we will see how much i study it along with ukrainian its just so easy. ok so the reason why im learning polish is unknown to me but im doing it for some reason.
We had something fun this week we got an announcement that we need to in the next 2 weeks have as many verities of fruits and veggies so guess what we did went all out we have had all together 45 different fruits and veggies and man it was hard for me to eat all those veggies raw but i got to say mom that i like squash but for the most part my taists buds just delt with the veggies calmly.
We also had english on tuesday and thursday and it was good our english program is really good the people love it and the people are really funny sometimes and something cool that happened this week we got a call from this woman who wanted us to come to her english club so that natives can come over so this week we should go.
We had a really good exchanges this week with the zoneleaders and i was with the elder who served here first so lots of people loved him and really well everyone knew him on the street i hope that when i leave and get the opportunity to come back that people remember me too. we also had family night and alot of people came it was fun we made air plains and tried to get eturnal life it was fun.
So on saturday we had a really cool picnic where most of the members came and also some people fromenglish came and an investigator from lviv who useto live here so yeah we had about 20 people there and we mad them american hamburgers which me and my companion made for them they loved it and they made us shashleky which is ukrainian shishkabob they were way good we had a really good time next to the river here.
We also after that had a really good lesson with 2 people who were really interested in the gosple which was really cool they were asking great questions adn it was fun. the guy works as a black smith so that was cool.
We had a good church meeting this week too some members didnt come so that was sad but its interesting when in lviv some church members dont come its not a big deal but when it happens here we find them or at least look for them so thats what we did.
Sorry everything is not very detailed but thats all i can do sorry.
Thats crazy about the weather at home who knew that that would happen after you took out the ugly bush. glad you all had a cool fireside and everyone is doing good, mom sound great.
Love you all and have a great week.
Elder Naumann 

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